Mother’s Day Musing

Mother DuckMore than 40 Countries honor their mothers on a special day. Many have chosen the 2nd Sunday in May for this.

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson of the USA signed a bill proclaiming the 2nd Sunday in May as a National holiday.

Some Countries have celebrated honoring Mothers for a very long time for religious reasons, others even due to military participation.

For me, my Mom is the person that I most admire. I will not go into why, but that is how I feel. I won the lottery with having her as my Mom. She was THE most important person in my life. She “got it,” and understood and celebrated me as unique.

If you are fortunate enough to have grown up with your Mom, you are very blessed. If you did not, then I hope someone filled that role for you. Whoever that person is, they played a priceless part of your life.

Moms know how to comfort us, have eyes in the back of their heads, seem to know everything that is going on, and even reprimand us when we deserve it. And although we might have complained along the way, when we grew up we realized she mostly got it right.

They always say that babies do not come with a set of instructions, but neither do Moms. Moms just “know,” as though the moment you hold your precious baby for the first time, everything clicks in.

We can reflect on all the serious sides of our Moms, her accomplishments, etc., but today I mostly remember laughing at all the funny things we did or had together. Sometimes I laughed when I really should not have but we had a crazy sense of humor. There are so many funny memories that I will forever cherish.

So wherever you live, and whether Mother’s Day has been celebrated or is still to come, enjoy your memories, have a chat, or go out for a latte. You may never find anyone who loves, or has loved you, so unconditionally.