Winter Olympics 2018

Skiier#2Winter Olympic Games 2018

A week into the PyeongChang games in South Korea already!

Given that it is four years between the Games, it seems incredible that already
we are celebrating another group of athletes as they give their all, hoping for that elusive Gold medal.

The Winter Games are always interesting to watch especially as Countries in the warm, Southern Hemisphere, have athletes competing in sports that cannot even be done at home.

For the host Country, they have spent a colossal amount of money, first bidding to be
selected and then building all the venues needed for each sport. Behind it all they obviously hope the investment will generate tourism dollars into their economy as well. It is after all a business.

After the games end, they are left with amazing training facilities or for the ones not needed, they are removed and reuse the land.

But for two weeks you cannot take the smile off their faces as they showcase their Country.

Regardless of what Country you are from or cheer for, you have to admire the people
giving everything they have to win.

How many of us would have the dedication to their sport to train hours a day, suffer
serious injuries just in training and yet do the rehab and start again. Their focus on the goal is inspiring to say the least. It would be so easy to just give up.

One athlete who fell and lost her dream at these games in aerials said you train for four years, three seconds in the air and at four stores height. She is already thinking about the next Winter Games in Beijing.

All of us could take a page out of their “Book” and do likewise in whatever it is that we do.

They carry themselves with pride as they represent their Country along with the hopes, dreams and expectations of their Nation.

It is heart breaking to see a tumble on the ski slope, a missed compulsory in figure skating, or just wiping out on that last attempt and knowing your dream has vanished.

But the younger athletes just say they will start working towards the next games four years from now.

There should be a special medal just for that.




After having to have repairs done in two different rooms, everything had to be moved out of those rooms. So that had me deciding I would go thru everything and find out what the heck I was hanging onto, simply because it was “tucked away” temporarily. Only thing is, you don’t get to it and the collection grows.

Amazing what I found that I no longer even knew I had, proving I obviously did not need it or was now out of date.

And so I began tossing, shredding, filing etc. What a therapeutic feeling. Even though no one would know I had done anything by looking around the room.

From there it turned into what I had in the cupboards in the kitchen. So many dishes, glasses & cooking utensils so rarely if ever used. A lot come out for the special celebrations only and then you do really need them though.

Then you come across the keepsakes that bring back so many memories.
Things passed down from generations in some cases. As you start looking at them, time flys by, remembering the occasions when you received this item and from who, grandparents, parents, maybe from your kids. Priceless time spent. You wash or dust it off and put it back in its spot. It is such a fun and happy few hours.

Only problem is it does take a long time depending on how much you have and so I am still sorting things.

You will thoroughly enjoy the process as long as you forget about how long you may take. It would be easy to just toss things out but you would miss out on the nostalgia of the moments spent.

I hope you are lucky enough to have happy memories.



First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. I wish you a Happy & Healthy 2018.

Funny how for some reason, if we cannot started on something we need to do, or really want to do, we turn it into our New Years resolution.

When we make these “promises” to ourselves, we are sincere, we believe in our determination. How many of us have tossed our resolutions within the first 10 days of the New Year. We all love the “comfortable” feeling of staying where we are, doing the same thing.

It all comes down to excuses. It is amazing that none of us ever runs out of excuses. As soon as someone questions us about something, the excuse is instantly there even though we had no idea what we may be asked!

How does that happen? We do not intend to fall short of completing what we promised. Some people go beyond an excuse & just say whatever they “think” the person wants.

No one teaches us to do this, in fact the opposite is very likely true, but as soon as we go to school as tiny kids in Kindergarten, we start. Does it come down to us trying to say or do something that may make us friends?

As we go thru school, we can make excuses that as you think of them as an adult are funny now. Somehow we manage to get thru school, still having an excuse for why our assignment was late, why we were late or did not show up for a particular event. That is probably because the teacher or coach did the same thing? But they will never let you know. Sometimes I think it is easier to make what we consider a reasonable excuse than admitting you are actually guilty of not doing what you promised. Our intentions are honest.

Now as adults, our excuses are more often to ourselves. We are all so very busy, we have a list of what has to be done, and the more we seem to cross off that list
we add to it daily never feeling we are getting anywhere. We do everything that is expected of us, whether work related, for our children, for any committees we
may be on etc. So who do we make an excuse to,.. ourselves. We justify why it did not get done and where does it go…on that long list!!

I have no idea how, come the holidays, for very many of us Christmas, and
New Years celebrations, we get so much done, we do all that has to be done at work, we buy and wrap the gifts we have for our loved ones, we entertain, perhaps even be the one who hosts Christmas dinner and have 15 to 20 people over, family mostly, for Christmas but we do not make excuses.

So, why does this happen? We finally run out of excuses because we have a deadline that cannot be added to that long list. These events come on the same date every year. So we step up to the plate and get the job done.

So what does that tell us? Maybe to toss the lists?

I do not think we can dispense with our trusty “ to do list”, It does play a role in getting us thru the many demands we face, but I wonder if we put a deadline date on everything would that help?

I doubt it, as we will make an excuse why not!! We all do it, know I am guilty.





Fashion is such a personal choice. What may be the perfect thing for you is something another may never even stop long enough to look at.

It always makes me wonder each year, spring & autumn, when the designers have their fashion shows, what they were thinking. Have you ever seen any of the outfits, regardless of which successful designer is showcasing their creations, in a store? Maybe it is only me but it is almost comedy hour for a lot of them.

But it is such a lucrative business. People attend the fashion shows, seemly always sold out, to be first to know what will be available the following season.

The models are paid a fortune if lucky enough to be chosen to be on the runway. These models are beautiful, attractive people but why are they not allowed to smile, have an expression of at least enjoying what they are doing. They all look angry with everyone. Also, who do you know that walks the way they do in real life?

These designers dictate the colours that you will be wearing come spring or winter. Going shopping you find most clothes are in shades of their chosen color.

Not all colors suit everybody. While dark colors like black and purple look amazing for some, they are the worst choice for others. Florals not always great, either.

One style right now that is hideous to me is the women’s dresses where it looks like they forgot to finish it with sleeves open, shoulders showing even if you have bony unattractive shoulders.

Men are so much luckier with fashion as basically they always have comfortable clothes. Whether they are going out for a casual lunch, to work, out for an evening they are always cozy and comfy.

If it is a freezing cold night they can put a t-shirt on under a shirt and be warm, out partying they have flat shoes. Why do women have to suffer sore feet from the high heels, being cold as a dress offers nowhere to add another layer.

As long as women accept these choices then there will be no alternative. I love it when someone goes against tradition and does their own thing. At big functions that are on television like the Oscars etc. they are judged harshly by the press on what they wore.

Dressing up for special occasions is fun, you feel good, but not be limited in your choice.

So to all the women out there, be your own person, wear what you like and not was is expected from you. Bottom line who cares what others think.