Nite Owl or Daytime Person

IMG_0346Nite Owl or Daytime Person
Which one are you?

Many of us have jobs, kids in school, and a variety of things that just have to be done during the day. The farmer certainly is not out there at night looking after his animals or planting in the dark. But they do harvest at night when necessary.

Having said that, it does not make all these people a Daytime person, just doing what they have to do when the time is relevant.

The Nite Owl just loves working and enjoying all the things that are going on after 5:00pm. They love to stay up late so enjoy working a nite shift, having late dinners, and watching all their favorite TV programs that they can stream later. The needs of the day are done, kids asleep, no phone calls, it is your time.

What is right? There is no right or wrong. Research has proven that we have a
built in clock that makes us who we are. There are schools, now, that have come to realize that all children should not be starting school quite so early. Personally I am a firm believer in that. You cannot change who you are anymore than a leopard can change its spots!

There is one huge problem though that Daytime people do not understand. For them it can seem that if you get up at noon or a bit later, then you are lazy. They have been at work or doing their thing for 5 or so hours and cannot figure out how someone could be in bed. It may never cross their mind that perhaps you went to bed just before they got up.

It is very hard to be a Nite Owl in a daytime World. The thing is, though, that they do what they have to if commitments are daytime related. There is no choice. What happens to Nite Owls is, regardless of how early they had to be up and at it during the day, their most unnatural time, come nite time they wake up making for a very long day.

The Daytime person will just tell them to go to bed earlier. It does not work that way. Your body clock is not ready for sleep. You will toss and turn, no sleep whatsoever unless a short catnap, making it very hard to get up for your daytime job the following morning.
Where the Nite Owl can adapt, even at hardship to their biological clock, the Daytime person is programmed to the normal sun up and sun down time. The Daytime person will crawl into bed almost as soon as the kids are tucked in.

No one is right or wrong. What is it right for you? You are the only one who counts. Just know, people may never quite understand you, try as you may to explain it.

So be yourself regardless of criticizms. Your friends or relatives will understand that that is who YOU are, even if they do not quite “get it”.

I totally understand as I am the ultimate Nite Owl, I have been since I was a wee child.

eCards or Greeting Cards?


eCards or Regular Greeting Cards What is your preference?

We are so lucky now to have alternative ways of wishing our friends, relatives or even closer acquaintances a happy day for whatever reason. Which is best?
Years ago, there were no options so no decisions to be made.

Nowadays, we have an overload of choices in everything we do. Personally, I think if someone takes the time to send good wishes, it does not matter what method they choose.

Many of us live in places spread out across the Country or even the World. When it comes to sending a “happy birthday” or whatever the occasion is, you have to consider how long it takes for that card to arrive. That can vary depending on where you are living & where it may be going.

Personally with having friends or family around the globe, I’ve had wishes arrive from several days too early to several weeks too late!

The post offices in every Country complain about the need to increase prices due to a drop in usage. I wonder why??? The cost goes up but the delivery still takes a long time. Sometimes you wonder why?? It is all going via airmail, no one is rowing a boat from Country to Country!!

For me, whoever it is, they thought about me on a specific occasion and took time to send an eCard that arrived immediately.

We all live such insanely busy lives, connecting with friends thru so many different ways has become how we stay in touch now. Times do change and we just have to be ready to accept it whether or not it is our choice.

Some grandparents, who cannot wrap their head around the Internet, social media etc., still would prefer a real card that they can hold, put up on shelf and leave there until the next card arrives. So please keep sending whatever card is appropriate for the person you are sending to.

The very best, though, has to be the hand drawn card from your child or grandchild.

So much thought and hard work goes into that and the joy on their faces is priceless as they hand it to you.

Bottom line, think about who you are wanting to send wishes to and send the right card for them.

And above all else, just be happy to know that someone you love or care about cares enough about you to send best wishes for you. Enjoy!!

O Canada!

pexels-photo-212085Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

July 1, 2017 Canada celebrates a milestone birthday, but as Countries go, it is really a young Country. Countries choose different occasions to mark their first day of becoming a Country of their own.

On July 1, 1867 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, four provinces – Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick – signed the Act of Confederation.

Manitoba joined in 1870, British Columbia in 1871, followed by Prince Edward Island 1873, Saskatchewan and Alberta in 1905 with Newfoundland joining in 1949.
Canada also has three Territories, Yukon, Northwest and Nunavut.

Canada is part of the Commonwealth formed by 53 Nations now that were all former colonies of Britain, joined in interest to the prosperity of those Nations. They make up one third of the world population. The Commonwealth Games are held to compete and celebrate. They are held every four years, the next to be held in Australia in the State of Queensland, Gold Coast. The first were held in 1930 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Canada is a stunningly beautiful Country stretching from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans and northward to the Arctic Ocean. The diversity of the landscape is so amazing with the majestic Rocky Mountains, the flat agriculture Prairie Provinces, the largest fresh water lakes in the world known as The Great Lakes and the beauty of the Maritime Provinces.
If you are looking to be blown away with scenery Canada has it all. And if big City life is your choice then Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver have that covered.

Canada is a multicultural, peace loving Nation.

So today for all Canadians, celebrate, have a barbecue, get together with family and enjoy the many fireworks across the Nation.

Raise a glass and give a toast to the next 150 years.

Happy Birthday Canada!

Furry Friends

Dog & CatPets

I think nearly all of us at some point have had a pet. Perhaps only as a child, when we beg our parents that if they get us a dog, we will walk it everyday, clean up the litter pan if it is a cat we prefer or maybe our wishes are even bigger. Maybe a horse if we are lucky enough to live where we can actually have one.

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing a pet. Some people go for exotic creatures, maybe snakes, birds or geckos. Maybe a tank of tropical fish is your idea of the best. The relaxing sound of the water is so soothing after all the daily challenges. If you are allergic to the furry friends, then a choice of another pet is necessary.

Pets can teach a child compassion, responsibility & love.

For me the furry, cuddly ones do win out…a little puppy or kitten.

After a hard day at work, a stressful day or having a lot on your mind, a dog seems to understand. As you turn the key in the lock, this sweet little dog wags his tail, licks your hand, runs to find his favorite toy to share with you. Even though the family may need your attention and things need to be done, this sweet little dog says hello. He is not involved in watching the television or texting friends. You are his only concern. The kids will say hello and give you a hug too, but also have their own things they are in the middle of, happy you are home, but need to get back to the homework perhaps if they have not done it before you walked in the door.

Cats are generally more independent, they come to you when they want to.
They say if you want love, have a dog. If you have love to give, then get a cat. I love both.

I happen to have a cat right now, that thinks she is a dog!! She comes to the door to say hello, brings her toys to me and even invented a game of fetch. She will bring a rolled up ball of foil to me, drop it at my feet & wait for me to toss it down the hall. Off she goes only to bring it back to me & the game goes on. Even though she has a big bowl of fresh water, why does she prefer to get some water from the faucet? Normally cats are not fond of water. My cat loves playing in the wet shower!! If I am sitting down she is in my lap or lying on a chair right nearby, I move & she follows.

I love dogs & cats, have had several along with many other animals. They bring so much joy into your life. Your choice sometimes is decided by your lifestyle. A cat can be left for the weekend as long as you leave lots of water, food & a clean litter pan. A dog.. not so much. You will need to board them or have friend to look after them.

Although there are many choices for a pet, it is really hard to cuddle a fish unless it comes from the freezer on a really hot day!

Wouldn’t it be nice if people were more like dogs & loved you for who you are. Not if you are tall or short, beautiful or not, overweight or too thin and no interest in your sexual preference or the color of your skin.