Spring, what a fantastic time of year. Of course, it is very different depending on the Hemisphere you live in. In the Southern Hemisphere it is now well into autumn or fall. Not huge changes really but perhaps a different type of flower, if lucky maybe the temperature has dropped a bit and even a little more rain. Of course, how far north or south you live you’ll have different experiences. In the most southern areas, you can get snow but, given that, it will still be on the warm side.  Flowers are still in bloom and if you really want to swim, you can.

In the Northern Hemisphere, spring has finally arrived after a long, cold winter. In the areas further north some winters are colder or longer but there is always snow. Snow is gorgeous. The fabulous times spent outside playing, skiing, sliding, skating…… the list goes on. But there comes a time when you have finally had enough and want to be warmer and do spring/summer activities. Maybe you cannot wait to hit the golf course again, swim, garden, hike or play baseball. What is awesome is watching nature doing its thing. The buds are growing not long from producing such beautiful blooms.

In the northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere there is the saying that “Spring flowers bring forth May flowers.” So true. Buds on every flowering tree or shrub, and in May the smells of so many flowers permeates the air.

The early signs of spring are also so exciting. Planting bulbs in the autumn brings an array of flowers in so many colours early into spring. One of the very earliest is the crocus. Brave little things poke their heads up almost as soon as the snow has started to melt. Still remember this little song….do not know anyone else who learned this in school.

“Mother crocus woke her babes, washed their faces clean
She tied their caps beneath their chins, in bows of ribbons green,
Out into the sun they popped, peek-a-boo they cried
They gave old winter such a fright, he ran away to hide”

Whoever wrote this little song must have loved the crocus as I do.

So for those of you heading into spring and summer, enjoy it all as well as the folks in the south having a break from the extreme heat.