Furry Friends

Dog & CatPets

I think nearly all of us at some point have had a pet. Perhaps only as a child, when we beg our parents that if they get us a dog, we will walk it everyday, clean up the litter pan if it is a cat we prefer or maybe our wishes are even bigger. Maybe a horse if we are lucky enough to live where we can actually have one.

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing a pet. Some people go for exotic creatures, maybe snakes, birds or geckos. Maybe a tank of tropical fish is your idea of the best. The relaxing sound of the water is so soothing after all the daily challenges. If you are allergic to the furry friends, then a choice of another pet is necessary.

Pets can teach a child compassion, responsibility & love.

For me the furry, cuddly ones do win out…a little puppy or kitten.

After a hard day at work, a stressful day or having a lot on your mind, a dog seems to understand. As you turn the key in the lock, this sweet little dog wags his tail, licks your hand, runs to find his favorite toy to share with you. Even though the family may need your attention and things need to be done, this sweet little dog says hello. He is not involved in watching the television or texting friends. You are his only concern. The kids will say hello and give you a hug too, but also have their own things they are in the middle of, happy you are home, but need to get back to the homework perhaps if they have not done it before you walked in the door.

Cats are generally more independent, they come to you when they want to.
They say if you want love, have a dog. If you have love to give, then get a cat. I love both.

I happen to have a cat right now, that thinks she is a dog!! She comes to the door to say hello, brings her toys to me and even invented a game of fetch. She will bring a rolled up ball of foil to me, drop it at my feet & wait for me to toss it down the hall. Off she goes only to bring it back to me & the game goes on. Even though she has a big bowl of fresh water, why does she prefer to get some water from the faucet? Normally cats are not fond of water. My cat loves playing in the wet shower!! If I am sitting down she is in my lap or lying on a chair right nearby, I move & she follows.

I love dogs & cats, have had several along with many other animals. They bring so much joy into your life. Your choice sometimes is decided by your lifestyle. A cat can be left for the weekend as long as you leave lots of water, food & a clean litter pan. A dog.. not so much. You will need to board them or have friend to look after them.

Although there are many choices for a pet, it is really hard to cuddle a fish unless it comes from the freezer on a really hot day!

Wouldn’t it be nice if people were more like dogs & loved you for who you are. Not if you are tall or short, beautiful or not, overweight or too thin and no interest in your sexual preference or the color of your skin.