Creatures in Natural Settings

pexels-photo-57848Animals are fascinating creatures. We have our house pets, most likely a dog or cat. Some people are a little more adventurous and have snakes or reptiles or even guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits or fish. But nothing beats a creature in the wild. You would not want one in your home! We can all go and visit these animals in the zoo and we marvel at their size, how cute they look, how they are playing.

Next time you are planning a vacation, instead of flying off to a land far away, why not stick close to home and visit a national park or camp. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, there are native animals that you must see…

Try driving late at night around your campsite, very slowly while all other campers are asleep. The animals are up and about and keeping busy.

Riding around in a Ute with the lights dimmed, you might spot your first kangaroo in a natural setting, catch a mother moose with two young twins, or even a bear in the campsite nearby digging through the trash.

You will see some during the day, too, if you keep your eyes wide open. One time we saw an injured grizzly bear with her cub running across the highway and down the mountainside. A family was having a BBQ for lunch so we shouted to alert them. They jumped into the car, the mother bear stole their dinner from the BBQ and ran off with it. This was years ago we still have memories of that awesome moment.

We can learn a lot from animals. They know who and what they are, doing what comes naturally, no lessons needed. Cats and dogs will give you more love than you can ever imagine. Having a bad day, their greeting when you come home will melt your heart and you will forget whatever is on your mind.

Have a great day & enjoy the beautiful creatures around us.