And it continues…

As if Hurricane Harvey did not do enough damage, hurt so many, displace thousands and even worse loss of life for some, hot on its
heels, here comes Irma.

Following closely behind is Jose.

Some years hurricanes are forecast but luckily turn out to sea and miss hitting land. But, eventually it catches up and smack bang into land.

Seems that Harvey was the worse ever for rainfall due to being such a slow moving storm, hanging around and continually dumping rain.

Irma is on the opposite end of what a Hurricane can do. It is moving quickly with      such intense wind speeds it will devastate in another way. Seeing what it has already done in the Caribbean and is still doing, reports are it will be worse than Hurricane Andrew to hit Florida. At the latest report, the entire peninsula could be hit. And then the path seems to indicate it could move on to Georgia, perhaps even South Carolina. only guarantee is you never know for sure, not even the meteorologists.

A hurricane specialist from MIT said this one has more energy than all the bombs dropped in WWll.

For those who have never experienced such storms you can sympathize, try to imagine with the pictures on TV but just imagine being IN that situation.

Nowhere to go, hospitals closed, power out, no way to escape, perhaps have loved ones missing and having cars being tossed around as well as even shipping containers!!

Mother Nature is definitely not happy. And to throw in an Earthquake 8.1 in Mexico as well as Hurricane Katia is enough.

We do not get the best coverage of all the cyclones or typhoons (depending on where you live) but Hong Kong had a direct hit from a powerful storm about 10 days or so ago.

One thing, we cannot do anything to change the weather, natural disasters do & will always happen. All we can do is keep up to date if in the path of a weather related event and if lucky enough not to, be there for those who are. Help in any way possible. Not all help is in the $$ donation.

People need a hand, maybe if close by, help them pick up and get their life straightened out as best as they can. Emotionally, be patient and let someone have a cry and comfort them, make a casserole, treat them to a yummy treat, just let them know we all care.

Good luck to all those facing this incredible storm.


Hurricane Harvey continues

IMG_0428Remnants of Hurricane Harvey still continue!

There is a saying, “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink”

How true is that as we watch the flood waters rising in the Houston area right now.
There are hurricanes and then there are weather events like Harvey that go beyond description!

As I mentioned in my previous weather blog, I am amazed by all things weather related. The devastation is impossible to take in for me, who is watching safely on television…how are those affected people supposed to?

Waiting for the storm to hit gives you time to imagine how strong will it be, how many will be affected and in what way, are the predictions over done? After the Hurricane hits, even with the strength Harvey did, it usually subsides slightly, it still rains, spawns tornadoes etc but for the most part, the clean up can start.
This storm is epic, in the fact it is still pouring and predicted to for days. The ground can only absorb so much.’

Seeing people having to leave their homes, things they have collected over the years, mementos/keepsakes of their families, houses that will be so damaged will be beyond repair and for some less fortunate no insurance to help them. Also their jobs may be flooded out so no income.

The various governments will do the best they can but these folks will be destroyed for years. Where do you start? Extended family members need your help, too, how about the little children, how do you comfort them, explain what is happening, why they had to leave their favorite toys behind.  And the elderly not knowing where to go, no strength to do it. You cannot help but cry along with them.

If anything good does come from something as catastrophic is seeing people helping each other, reaching out to neighbors you do not even know, sharing what you do have with them if your house is safe. Wouldn’t it be nice if we helped each other all the time instead of waiting for a crisis?

Emergency personnel are out helping others knowing that their own places and family need them.

Imagine having to deal with snakes and alligators, too.

It is heartwarming to see the shelters allowing the pets to be brought along. These little creatures are part of your family as well as give you comfort.

Things we take for granted almost no longer available like the simple things of milk, drinking water, even cereal and juice for the hungry tummies.

We are all so connected nowadays with technology but it becomes totally useless in situations like this so you cannot even call for help. If you happen to have a connection, that will go when your battery runs down. Power goes out so no recharging.

Now levees are giving away while Harvey’s rainfall may be on its way to Louisiana.

If ever a warning goes out to evacuate before a storm hits, do so. Better safe than sorry.

Let us all hope that this nightmare passes soon and at least they can start their long, long road to recovery.

Weather and Mother Nature


IMG_0417 (1)weather is both awesome and devastating at the same time.

Personally, I have always been fascinated by the strength of what Mother Nature can deliver. I love all kinds of weather….rain, snow, hail, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes….all various types of weather have me attached to the television watching all the updates, if not where I live, then whatever Country the storms are forecast for.

Sometimes I think I should be a
storm chaser!!

Some are so much more powerful than even the meteorologists can predict. Even with all the amazing technology that we now have, nothing can predict what nature will deliver.

As I am writing this, Hurricane Harvey is headed to Texas. Although about 10-11 hours to landfall, already the people are being battered with the rain. Some are predicting over 48 inches (about121 cm!!)

A slow moving storm is even worse. Add to that is if people do not pay attention to the warnings, thinking they can ride it out. Sometimes it pays to listen. Leave it too late and you do not decide to leave, you could be regretting it all your life.

Some cannot visualize what or how bad a storm change in direction can be. Potential damage but they think they are prepared with food, flashlites, batteries, candles, windows boarded up and maybe even sandbags. etc. They think this is just likely another “false alarm”. But why not listen and take no chances with those you love. So what if you have to travel away for 3-4 days? Better to have a storm change in direction, have your family safe, home not damaged and just turn around and go home.

Hurricanes do not suddenly “pop” up. You get a lot of notice that it is coming, where it will likely hit and what supplies you should have on hand even if you are fairly far away from the predicted landfall area. When you live in the direct path of that landfall why stay??

And to think some folks are silly enough to not only stay but think it is a great day to surf or stroll the Beach. It is just not responsible, sensible or fair to your loved ones, but if you have children, what are you teaching them? You will never, ever win a battle with Mother Nature.

Lastly, you are also putting the lives of the rescuers in extreme danger, taking them away from those who really need their help.

Once we were eating dinner at a restaurant and suddenly a tornado did “pop” up. Only two doors down the buildings were destroyed, cars turned over etc. That was close enough for me!!!! We were so lucky. With a hurricane you have a chance.

I hope Hurricane Harvey is not as bad as all forecasts think it will be, and that it is not too late for you to find safety. But seeing as it could hit as a Category 4, high Category 3 at least, you just may have to hunker down and prey for the best. Your cell phone will not work. Good luck to all of you.

Creatures in Natural Settings

pexels-photo-57848Animals are fascinating creatures. We have our house pets, most likely a dog or cat. Some people are a little more adventurous and have snakes or reptiles or even guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits or fish. But nothing beats a creature in the wild. You would not want one in your home! We can all go and visit these animals in the zoo and we marvel at their size, how cute they look, how they are playing.

Next time you are planning a vacation, instead of flying off to a land far away, why not stick close to home and visit a national park or camp. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, there are native animals that you must see…

Try driving late at night around your campsite, very slowly while all other campers are asleep. The animals are up and about and keeping busy.

Riding around in a Ute with the lights dimmed, you might spot your first kangaroo in a natural setting, catch a mother moose with two young twins, or even a bear in the campsite nearby digging through the trash.

You will see some during the day, too, if you keep your eyes wide open. One time we saw an injured grizzly bear with her cub running across the highway and down the mountainside. A family was having a BBQ for lunch so we shouted to alert them. They jumped into the car, the mother bear stole their dinner from the BBQ and ran off with it. This was years ago we still have memories of that awesome moment.

We can learn a lot from animals. They know who and what they are, doing what comes naturally, no lessons needed. Cats and dogs will give you more love than you can ever imagine. Having a bad day, their greeting when you come home will melt your heart and you will forget whatever is on your mind.

Have a great day & enjoy the beautiful creatures around us.