eCards or Greeting Cards?


eCards or Regular Greeting Cards What is your preference?

We are so lucky now to have alternative ways of wishing our friends, relatives or even closer acquaintances a happy day for whatever reason. Which is best?
Years ago, there were no options so no decisions to be made.

Nowadays, we have an overload of choices in everything we do. Personally, I think if someone takes the time to send good wishes, it does not matter what method they choose.

Many of us live in places spread out across the Country or even the World. When it comes to sending a “happy birthday” or whatever the occasion is, you have to consider how long it takes for that card to arrive. That can vary depending on where you are living & where it may be going.

Personally with having friends or family around the globe, I’ve had wishes arrive from several days too early to several weeks too late!

The post offices in every Country complain about the need to increase prices due to a drop in usage. I wonder why??? The cost goes up but the delivery still takes a long time. Sometimes you wonder why?? It is all going via airmail, no one is rowing a boat from Country to Country!!

For me, whoever it is, they thought about me on a specific occasion and took time to send an eCard that arrived immediately.

We all live such insanely busy lives, connecting with friends thru so many different ways has become how we stay in touch now. Times do change and we just have to be ready to accept it whether or not it is our choice.

Some grandparents, who cannot wrap their head around the Internet, social media etc., still would prefer a real card that they can hold, put up on shelf and leave there until the next card arrives. So please keep sending whatever card is appropriate for the person you are sending to.

The very best, though, has to be the hand drawn card from your child or grandchild.

So much thought and hard work goes into that and the joy on their faces is priceless as they hand it to you.

Bottom line, think about who you are wanting to send wishes to and send the right card for them.

And above all else, just be happy to know that someone you love or care about cares enough about you to send best wishes for you. Enjoy!!

Fathers Day

IMG_0335_sRGBFather’s Day

The third Sunday in June is Father’s Day in many Countries. Depending on where you live it can vary by several months. In North America and quite a few European countries this is the day they choose. Australia & New Zealand celebrate theirs in September.

The date really does not matter. Just celebrating our Dads is what counts.

This year celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Father’s Day. It was first celebrated in Spokane Washington. This was inspired by a lady who wanted to honor her Dad who raised 6 kids as a widower.

It was not accepted immediately by everyone even a lot of men themselves.

Even though President Woodrow Wilson had declared Mother’s Day an official holiday to celebrate on the second Sunday in May, it was not until 1972 that President Richard Nixon made Father’s Day an official day to honour Dads.

But none of the history matters. It is a day when we take extra time to reflect on our own Dads.

Dads many years ago were the bread winners, brought home the money needed to take care of the family he loved dearly. He would take on extra hours of work to make sure his children had what was necessary. Moms, for the most part, did not go to work outside the home then, but stayed home to look after the children.

Depending on your Dads employment you did not always get to spend as much time as possible with him but there was never any doubt that he loved you dearly.

I feel so lucky to have had an amazing Dad. He was never a really well person, but that never stopped him from going to work. He was brilliant without a formal college education. The pride in his face, whenever he introduced us to someone, we always knew how important we were to him.

Never does a Fathers Day go by without spending extra time thinking of him.

I hope you have or had someone who took care of you that way.

Seeing as the weather is warmer for Fathers Day than it is for Mothers Day it is a great day to have a picnic, barbeque, or take in a baseball game. Bottom line, just enjoy the time together if you can.

If distance prevents you getting to celebrate with each other, we can at least have Face Time together. How great is that! If you have lost your Dad then spend time reflecting on all he was to you. If there are no happy memories, then think about someone who may have stepped up to help you along the way. Make your own if you are a Dad so your children can have happy moments remembering you.


English Language and Spelling!!!!

IMG_0311English Language & Spelling!!!!
Have you ever noticed that some people are fantastic spellers???? Others, not so much.

There are shows where young kids from approximately 7-12 years old compete in spelling bees where they spell words most of us have never heard of, never mind having any idea what they could possibly mean. It is amazing to see.

Personally, I think these kids must have awesome memories. They must digest the dictionary. It made me think about English…what if I were from another country where English was not my natural language? How hard would it be to learn? Speaking the language may take awhile but spelling? That is a whole different question.

Remember when spelling was so important in school? For fun, pick a word as simple as “bear”. There are two words spelled differently but that sound the same….”bare”.

But why does “dear” sound differently as does year, hear, and near? Why not sound like “deer”, as beer or peer do? “Tear” can sound like two different words, one like “bear” (to rip up something) and also spelled identically “tear” can sound like “beer” but means to cry? There are so many variations on so many words.

If you are bored, can’t sleep or this is driving you nuts, think about it next time someone tells you that you cannot spell. If simple words like this can have so many variations what about bigger words?

Why does knife or knew have a (k) in it? We do not pronounce it. How about rough, tough? Why no “F”. And of course “through”… think about words like it!

Then along comes spell check with our word processors, iPhones, computers etc. Yeah… no more worry. With the various programs on the computer, you have to be sure that whoever you are writing to lives in the same country to be absolutely correct. For instance, the USA & Canada spell similar words slightly differently.

And then..,the “auto correct” on your iPhone or iPad. Finally no more spelling problems!!!! What a laugh that can be. You have GOT to read your message before sending!!! Sometimes I cannot even understand what it is I have written after auto correct.

Now with Twitter we are constricted by the amount of characters we can use, so we have found a way to say as much as possible using the least words possible. That has now become part of our everyday communication with friends. Makes you wonder how interesting a dictionary may look like twenty years from now. Think our children will look at spelling today as perhaps we look at how our long ago ancestors spelled.

Change is the way we move forward. For some it is difficult to comprehend but we have to. We would not have gone to the moon, have astronauts living on the Space Station or even be using the Internet that we so take for granted after a relatively short period of time.

George Bernard Shaw, the great playwright, left money in his will to reform the English language. He was in the extreme in this as it was nothing similar to the everyday language but a whole different style, in the manner of shorthand that was a compulsory subject years ago if you wanted to be a secretary.

How many words in this blog will you pick out and wonder “are there other words with similar spelling that sound differently?” Cannot sleep??? This will drive you nuts or put you to sleep.

Try the word “now” to start with. Words similarly spelled but sound so differently.