First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. I wish you a Happy & Healthy 2018.

Funny how for some reason, if we cannot started on something we need to do, or really want to do, we turn it into our New Years resolution.

When we make these “promises” to ourselves, we are sincere, we believe in our determination. How many of us have tossed our resolutions within the first 10 days of the New Year. We all love the “comfortable” feeling of staying where we are, doing the same thing.

It all comes down to excuses. It is amazing that none of us ever runs out of excuses. As soon as someone questions us about something, the excuse is instantly there even though we had no idea what we may be asked!

How does that happen? We do not intend to fall short of completing what we promised. Some people go beyond an excuse & just say whatever they “think” the person wants.

No one teaches us to do this, in fact the opposite is very likely true, but as soon as we go to school as tiny kids in Kindergarten, we start. Does it come down to us trying to say or do something that may make us friends?

As we go thru school, we can make excuses that as you think of them as an adult are funny now. Somehow we manage to get thru school, still having an excuse for why our assignment was late, why we were late or did not show up for a particular event. That is probably because the teacher or coach did the same thing? But they will never let you know. Sometimes I think it is easier to make what we consider a reasonable excuse than admitting you are actually guilty of not doing what you promised. Our intentions are honest.

Now as adults, our excuses are more often to ourselves. We are all so very busy, we have a list of what has to be done, and the more we seem to cross off that list
we add to it daily never feeling we are getting anywhere. We do everything that is expected of us, whether work related, for our children, for any committees we
may be on etc. So who do we make an excuse to,.. ourselves. We justify why it did not get done and where does it go…on that long list!!

I have no idea how, come the holidays, for very many of us Christmas, and
New Years celebrations, we get so much done, we do all that has to be done at work, we buy and wrap the gifts we have for our loved ones, we entertain, perhaps even be the one who hosts Christmas dinner and have 15 to 20 people over, family mostly, for Christmas but we do not make excuses.

So, why does this happen? We finally run out of excuses because we have a deadline that cannot be added to that long list. These events come on the same date every year. So we step up to the plate and get the job done.

So what does that tell us? Maybe to toss the lists?

I do not think we can dispense with our trusty “ to do list”, It does play a role in getting us thru the many demands we face, but I wonder if we put a deadline date on everything would that help?

I doubt it, as we will make an excuse why not!! We all do it, know I am guilty.




Remembrance Day


One day out of 365 days is not enough to thank all those brave, unselfish armed forces for their sacrifices. If not for them, how different our World would be.

World War One was the war to end all wars. So much for that! Little did they know that their loved ones, their children, would again be at war, enduring unimaginable sacrifices too.

How sad that something causes these wars to start with. The Korean, Vietnam wars and nowadays non stop conflicts, wars, and terror attacks are still causing so much loss, unrest and grief for so many.

To see people on the news carrying whatever possessions they have trying to get their families to safety, breaks your heart. How sad it has to be this way.

I’m not going to get into the politics, why’s and wherefores of it all. For some reason throughout the ages it has been something that seems to always have been…likely about power and control.

Let’s hope your sons or daughters will not have to follow in the same path.

But regardless of that, if you are fortunate enough to live in a Country where you are free due to the sacrifices of others, take time today if only that one moment of silence to say a heartfelt thank you.

A Canadian soldier ,JohnMcCrae, wrote a poem in WWl that so represented what he saw. This is only the first verse.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below



Watchng TV the past few days is truly beyond words. The World has become such a different place in the last few years especially. 

These people did not do anything wrong. They were enjoying a vacation, a nite out, fun with friends, some having travelled to Las Vegas after saving for a few years for that special trip from overseas, hoping to see a star performer, concert, just have a really good time. 

From nowhere suddenly as of now, 59 people have lost their lives, families torn apart, and for years to come may never fully recover without serious counselling, over 500 injured with some injuries taking forever to deal with. For some little children their Mom or Dad are not coming home to them. 

Right away there will be another question about whether guns should be allowed. If guns are a right by law to carry, I do not see that changing. But should the everyday person need to have or be able to buy guns that can fire so quickly? How many guns did this particular man have?

So many attacks are by someone using truck or van to drive into crowds of people. London for one, was a van driving into people on the bridge hitting so many. Again these innocent people were just going about their daily lives. 

It is bad enough that terrorists cause devastation and are so happy to claim responsibility but there are so many lone wolf attacks that have nothing to do with that. 

Times have so changed. It seems concern about your fellow neighbor, co-worker or even a stranger on a train no longer exists. In a very small way, devastation is also caused by those who drive with while texting, have been out partying, are under the influence or something else never thinking about the harm they could do to the people sharing the road. Difference is they actually think they are able to drive, text, or talk on their cell phones. 

We all have opinions every time something as horrific as the Las Vegas incident occurs.  As hard as it may be, we need to step back for a moment and try to understand why.  

Who knows what is making these people do such dreadful things. Obviously they are unwell. In the Las Vegas case it was such a well planned event for him. Who knows why he flipped out as it appears he had held a responsible job at some time, enjoyed gambling, did things that so many do. Occasionally family or others realize there were signs that this person may be having personality changes but always too late. 

There are so many ways to describe the person who did this deadly deed but who are we to judge. We have to try and see both sides of the coin, though certainly not understanding. 

It breaks your heart to hear the stories of those injured, the terror they endured. 

At times like this we cannot forget the brave, caring, beautiful people who go in and help immediately.  

Also remember, most everyone are loving, caring people.  We can never lose sight of that. We are 
all neighbors in the sense that regardless of Country we do love each other. 

“Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly”



To move or not to move?

So many things come into play with moving.

Are you moving because you wish to? Maybe a transfer or other work opportunity. Depending on who you are, maybe your kids have grown up, have their own families and you wish to be closer or downsize. Hopefully you are making this decision on your own and have not had your employment been deemed redundant.

There are any number of reasons why a move may be in your future. Bottom line is, you are about to pack up and be on your way to a new place, around the corner, across country or even a new country.

If you have moved before, you have an idea of what is involved but for those who have not, it can be a huge and overwhelming time, especially for those who have lived in a particular place for many years. Experts have said it is one of the most stressful times for anyone.

Fear not. You will come out the other end and find a lot of your apprehensions were imagined. Just take a deep breath, get a pen & pad of paper and write down what you can think of. Seeing it rather than imaging it are two so very different things. When you can read it you will also not have to remember what it was you thought you should do and forgot about.

After finding your new home, just look at your check list and do what needs doing as in contacting the electric, gas, water, cable TV, and Internet companies, anyone whose services you use and depend on so that as soon as you move in, your services are there waiting for you. Waiting a few days for the mover to bring your possessions is not as big a deal as not having things you depend on daily. And in some cases perhaps you have taken this opportunity to sell some of your older things so the new purchases can be delivered then.

The most important thing is to keep an eye on that check list all along the way.  First pack up  the “ good” stuff like dishes, glasses, keepsakes etc that you will not need until after the move.

Gradually move onto things hidden away in closets. Do you need it? Amazing what you can find that you have kept, put away and forget you even have. Maybe this is a good time to have a garage sale or advertize these items. Why pay to move things you no longer need?

Eat up things in the pantry that are there to use one day.

If children are involved get them registered into their new schools so there is no delay in their education or move when the kids are on school holiday.

If you have pets, they feel your anxiety, know something is happening but trusting you to take care of them. Depending on whether your cat or dog can suffer from changes, decide if boarding them for a few days would make them happier. Cats especially have been known to hide and cannot be found when you are about to lock the door and get of your way.

Having moved several times across countries I really understand the process.

Bottom line, enjoy the process. You will be so happy in the long run having the opportunity to embrace how people in different places live. You will not regret it though occasionally it will have challenges for you if your favorite store, TV show, products that seem unfamiliar and depending on where you may move to, perhaps learn a new language. It is all good.

Most important, take a time out every once in awhile, enjoy a yummy treat and latte, cuppa tea or wine!

Embrace and Enjoy it!