Experts or not

img_0674It seems common sense has flown out the window these days.  You know what is right but then an expert comes on TV and suggests otherwise.

It does not matter what the issue is, someone called an expert will give a strong opinion and suddenly have so many confused and in doubt.

So where do these experts come from, what are their credentials. They may be very accomplished in their particular fields but are they experts in everything?

An expert will say eating a certain food is so bad, best not eaten, will cause lifelong problems.

While a diet of only sugary, fatty or fried food is not good, everything is good taken in moderation. In fact a junk food nite is fabulous. Worst thing is to deny something outright.

School is another subject.

If you look at kids now, thru no fault of their own, have had the experts decide that winning is not important, just let everyone win.

Kids have to learn there are winners and losers in all aspects of life so let them learn in school.

The experts will tell you that to reprimand a child will have lasting affects on them forever.

If they truly misbehave, they need to learn that are consequences for their actions.

Because of these experts, kids cannot play tag, do cartwheels, climb play equipment or dodgeball. They could get injured.

Doing and participating in all kinds of fun, is so good for children. Of course occasionally someone may fall, scrape a knee, arm, hand etc. And in a rare case might even need to travel to hospital for a check. If they return wearing a cast, it becomes a “look at me” moment as their friends sign their cast, but it is so very rare that will happen. It is how we all grew up before the experts came along.

We cannot wrap them up in cotton wool and expect them to be able to face the real World once they are finished school.

Another issue is the experts tell parents that their beautiful little children should be put into an early education program by at least two years old!! It will give them a head start when starting school.

That is almost to the point of being cruel. How many brilliant people did not begin school or any formal education until at least five years old.

If you are in any way able to be home with your precious child until they head off to a full day of school do so. You will never regret it nor will your little one. You can teach them so much and build a lasting closeness. Take them to swimming lessons, meet up with friends at perhaps the Mall if they, too, have wee ones where it will allow them to learn how to mingle and share a cookie. It will also teach them how to behave in public. How often have you been to a restaurant when the kids go wild making eating out uncomfortable.

For most of us, we make the decision that we want to start a family. We’re so excited to bring home that precious little bundle of joy. But it means getting up much earlier, pulling the sleeping child from bed, heading off to a daycare to head to work, then come dinner time finally picking up the baby who by now is tired, hungry and wanting your attention.You being exhausted, you cannot give that much needed cuddle as there is dinner to make, laundry to do….just to repeat itself the next day. Something has to give.

Maybe having a full time carer who comes to your home and is able to bond with the child, someone they can trust instead of the expensive day care that cannot give individual attention as there are too many to look after.

In the blink of an eye, suddenly your little one has left home and you wonder where the time went.




Fashion is such a personal choice. What may be the perfect thing for you is something another may never even stop long enough to look at.

It always makes me wonder each year, spring & autumn, when the designers have their fashion shows, what they were thinking. Have you ever seen any of the outfits, regardless of which successful designer is showcasing their creations, in a store? Maybe it is only me but it is almost comedy hour for a lot of them.

But it is such a lucrative business. People attend the fashion shows, seemly always sold out, to be first to know what will be available the following season.

The models are paid a fortune if lucky enough to be chosen to be on the runway. These models are beautiful, attractive people but why are they not allowed to smile, have an expression of at least enjoying what they are doing. They all look angry with everyone. Also, who do you know that walks the way they do in real life?

These designers dictate the colours that you will be wearing come spring or winter. Going shopping you find most clothes are in shades of their chosen color.

Not all colors suit everybody. While dark colors like black and purple look amazing for some, they are the worst choice for others. Florals not always great, either.

One style right now that is hideous to me is the women’s dresses where it looks like they forgot to finish it with sleeves open, shoulders showing even if you have bony unattractive shoulders.

Men are so much luckier with fashion as basically they always have comfortable clothes. Whether they are going out for a casual lunch, to work, out for an evening they are always cozy and comfy.

If it is a freezing cold night they can put a t-shirt on under a shirt and be warm, out partying they have flat shoes. Why do women have to suffer sore feet from the high heels, being cold as a dress offers nowhere to add another layer.

As long as women accept these choices then there will be no alternative. I love it when someone goes against tradition and does their own thing. At big functions that are on television like the Oscars etc. they are judged harshly by the press on what they wore.

Dressing up for special occasions is fun, you feel good, but not be limited in your choice.

So to all the women out there, be your own person, wear what you like and not was is expected from you. Bottom line who cares what others think.

Ads & Kids

IMG_0447Something that drives me nuts is having children doing ads on TV.

I have no problem, whatsoever, when they are hired to advertize a product related TO children. It makes sense as it brings attention to a product that is something you may need or were unaware of at the time. Perhaps the launch of a new item for that brand new Mom or Dad. Maybe an idea for that special gift for yours, a friends or relatives gorgeous child. Maybe being “the voice” of a puppy or kitten.

People creating or buying advertizing does not come cheaply. That is how Channels pay to bring us the programs we so enjoy. It must definitely pay off as the cost of buying an ad space during the Super Bowl is astronomical. Those ads are sometimes better than the game itself!!

When I see children attempting to sell cars, insurance, vitamins, health care etc. I cannot mute the TV fast enough. I understand that whoever is trying to create the ad is thinking about how cute these sweet kids are. They are very talented, maybe they are young actors.

I imagine if this is being made for someone who has a darling grandchild, they cannot see beyond that. That does not translate into relating to their product.

It seems to me that the company creating these ads have totally lost the concept of what it is they are attempting to sell.

But this is a two way street. Someone is giving the tick of approval to these advertizements paying to accept and pay a fortune after likely already securing a spot on a show coming on air in a month or so…no time to create something new but needing to expose the product they wish to promote.

Somehow I do not think I am the only person who thinks as I do. Maybe I am!!

Next time you have the television on and a young child starts telling you the benefits of buying that new car etc, see if it bothers you now.

Just glad there is a mute on my remote.





Bugs or Insects

IMG_3029Not too many people are fond of bugs.

When I say bugs, I mean all forms or names they are given, regardless of how many legs that may identify them and put them into some other category.

I do realize that all forms are important to the balance of nature but when it comes to people there isn’t anyone who likes to be bitten by a mosquito or being awaken in the nite. Tiny as they are they do make a very loud buzzing sound. Try as you may they are almost impossible to find. Turn on the lite, they are gone, smack at them you miss or even try to whack them with your pillow…not going to get it. You have to lie there wide awake, lite on, not moving and expose your arm hoping it will come to give you a bite. Then hopefully you can get it, your nites sleep wrecked.

At least the mosquito is small and manageable in the house. But they also carry an incredible number of diseases. Spread thru a simple bite, they cause such harm to so many.

Have you ever been on a picnic without ants wanting to share your lunch? At least they are tiny and easily distracted or removed. They are fascinating little things though, extremely hard working as a team. They can carry or drag things way heavier than they are. Interesting to watch when the whole colony seems to be on the move following each other in particular path.

One other amazing insect is the bee. We have to have the bee!! For some reason they are disappearing causing concern. We think of the bee and honey at first but these smart and organized colonies pollinate all day, taking it back home to their hive. If you are not fully aware of how clever they are, you will be amazed from the worker bee to the drone and of course the Queen Bee.

Some of them are so beautiful like a butterfly, so many varieties with such precise markings, the ladybug, even the very interesting preying mantis.

Spiders, are a completely different story at least for me. I will catch any spider under a container and take it outside.

I went on a trail walk at nite once and the tour guide pointed out that the glowing things we saw in the various trees were spider eyes!! Always wondered if that was true or if he was just scaring us. It did make me stay in the centre of the path though. Had been on the same trail during the day and there were pictures of the biggest spiders in that area the size of your hand.

Had a picture from someone today that made me think about this. It was from Australia. A Redback Spider..poisonous but at least big enough to see if you keep a sharp eye out. Mostly found outside but do manage to get indoors also.

Speaking of Australia they have a lot dangerous things wandering about, 10 of the most poisonous snakes, Funnel web spiders that like to hide under the toilet seat or in your pool perhaps that do give a deadly bite. Also being a warm Country there are cockroaches that are way to big for me. Never had a cockroach and seeing one of these inside was more than I needed. As big as they are, bigger ones live in other countries.

Again all these things are on Earth for a reason. No problem, just stay out of the house!!!

We can choose to stay out of the Ocean where sharks, jellyfish etc are but have no choices with the little creepy crawlers.

Some Countries have huge insects. Watching TV reality shows and seeing the large things contestants eat, as wherever they are, is a natural treat for residents of a particular Country.

Makes you stop and think about the fascinating World we live in. Depending on where you live or grew up it is what is normal to you, so although they may annoy you, you accept the fact that it is the bugs land, too. We all live on this interesting planet, it belongs to all of us.

For me, the smaller and less of them suits me just fine. The cold winter and snowy months gives you a break from them for a few months. They have not disappeared but are doing whatever bugs do before they come back the following Spring and they are all back to annoy you.

How do you feel? Or is it just me?