It does not matter how old you are, Hallowe’en is just plain fun!!!

How can anyone not like it?

But sadly some people do not. Maybe you grew up in a Country that did not celebrate it. Perhaps a religious affiliation felt it inappropriate.There are several reasons why you may not get the idea of why it is so much fun.

This started out many centuries ago. In the 15th century especially in Ireland and Scotland. November 1 is All Saints Day and so October 31 was called All Hallows’ Eve. It was a time when people were remembered, if their spirits were felt, and to honour their past relatives. Dressing up was a way to honour past martyrs.

With the mass immigration to the United States in the 19th century, the tradition was introduced. Like most things do, traditions change and ways of observing this event also expanded to a different type of observance.

Today it is a huge celebration of really just plain fun.

I have always loved the fun of Halloween. By the beginning of October your mind starts to seriously think about what costume you will wear. Parties are planned whether at home, in school or any group you may be involved in.

There are so many choices from traditional to the latest Disney movie characters to being totally original in coming up with your own idea.

Party games like bobbing for apples, trying to pick up the slippery seeds of a pumpkin,  telling spooky stories and passing it on by whispering it and so fun to see what that sounds like by the time the last person gets it whispered in their ear, putting your hands into a big bowl of slimy stuff to find a hidden object to guessing how many candies are in a big jar. You are only limited by your imagination but the kids are having a great time. And of course judging the best costume, and yes, not everyone wins!

So regardless of whether you ever experienced Hallowe’en in your Country or fully understand why it is enjoyed, it is all about fun nowadays.

I think kids going door to door getting treats is all fun. Take the wee ones out, let them have a giggle. Stuffing their little faces with candy, nuts or potato chips is not a bad thing once a year, just monitor how much each day and check the treats before allowing them to eat them.

Hallowe’en Hallowe’en

Oh what funny things I’ve seen

IMG_0502Witches hats, coal black cats

Broom stick riders

Mice and rats 🎃👻

Happy Hallowe’en


Easter & Chocolate Beginnings


pexels-photo-104373Easter Weekend…… it has so many different meanings depending on who is celebrating.

It is the biggest celebration for those who are Christian. Other people who are a different faith  thoroughly enjoy the  long weekend. But, we all love the “Easter Bunny” and chocolate eggs, searching for the hidden treasures in so many amazing hiding places. Sometimes you find one a month later!

In the 19th Century, Switzerland & Germany celebrated with chocolate but it was not really great tasting. They have certainly learned the art of deliciousness……

Those from Switzerland believe a cuckoo delivers the eggs & in Germany that a fox does. For me…..I love bunnies!!!

How about you?

In Vegreville, Alberta, Canada, has a large Ukrainian population & they are the best at decorating/ painting eggs. To honor their tradition, they have built a huge “Egg” at the town entrance.