Easter & Chocolate Beginnings


pexels-photo-104373Easter Weekend…… it has so many different meanings depending on who is celebrating.

It is the biggest celebration for those who are Christian. Other people who are a different faith  thoroughly enjoy the  long weekend. But, we all love the “Easter Bunny” and chocolate eggs, searching for the hidden treasures in so many amazing hiding places. Sometimes you find one a month later!

In the 19th Century, Switzerland & Germany celebrated with chocolate but it was not really great tasting. They have certainly learned the art of deliciousness……

Those from Switzerland believe a cuckoo delivers the eggs & in Germany that a fox does. For me…..I love bunnies!!!

How about you?

In Vegreville, Alberta, Canada, has a large Ukrainian population & they are the best at decorating/ painting eggs. To honor their tradition, they have built a huge “Egg” at the town entrance.