Games We Play

IMG_0286_sRGBPlaying games is so much fun but nowadays with so many choices, which is best? Board games bring the family or friends together for a few hours of laughs, competitiveness, munching on snacks and pure enjoyment.

On the other hand, the multitude of choices on our devices is also great fun. The only part with that is you are playing against yourself, perhaps a friend who is also staring at their iPhone or maybe a complete stranger who the particular gaming company can hook you up with if you choose.

Depending on who you are playing and where in the world they live, you may have to wait several hours to have them play their turn.

You could also play video games, especially the ones where you can play sports. So much fun with some exercise as well.

How about arcade games? Also, so entertaining and years ago was the only way to play something other than Board games.

Virtual reality is another option as well as being funny for those watching you play, as you participate in the action, but your audience has no idea what it is you are dealing with.

Which is best? I guess that depends on each one of us separately. All offer fantastic entertainment but I still think that getting together with friends, laughing as the dice will not roll that “six” to allow you to start your turn, and taking time in between to share stories is so special.

We are all caught up in the hectic demands of everyday, that seeing the special people in our lives has become a challenge. Perhaps planning a once or twice a month get together and having it in our daily calendar is one way to get away from the ” have to do list”, share an evening of laughs as well as recharge our “batteries.”

These special moments with your kids, parents, and friends is something that lasts a lifetime, memories cherished forever.