Kids and Laughter

IMG_0403Kids Laughter

Nothing beats the sound of kids playing, giggling and having fun. It all so innocent, not yet weighted down by responsibility and time restrictions, if they can think of it, they just do it.

There was a song years and years ago from perhaps a movie but the words “Childhood, childhood, beautiful girl and boyhood” were part of the lyrics.

You do not hear that same happy sound outside much anymore. Used to be when school got out, the kids were running around playing tag, hide and seek, throwing a ball around and inventing a new game. If a park was close by, then they were on the swings, seesaw, or slide.

Occasionally a bump or scratch brought a few tears but a run home and Mom would patch them up and off they went again. Natural exercise, learning to share, or even have a bit of a squabble but working it out on their own. Daycare did not exist, Mom was home. The super feeling of security for a child needing a hug.

Depending of how many years ago, if it was a rainy day the coloring books came out, the toys, little cars or dolls to entertain. No television way back when our grandparents were kids. They thoroughly enjoyed what they had. A new toy made by grandparents made them so happy. Maybe granddad showed a young boy how to make a wooden car or gramma showing her granddaughter how to knit put smiles on their faces.

At school, you learned to respect your teacher, do your best to do well and if per chance you did something to annoy the class you were put outside the classroom to stand in the hallway or if you were really naughty a call home to Mom!! You knew that meant a serious reprimand, even telling Dad when he came home from work. You were taught consequences for actions.

Today school kids have to be picked up from school and so often that can even be a bus taking them to a daycare where they have to wait until their parents get home from work. Playtime has to be organized with “play dates”. Cannot just run down the street and knock on a friends door.

Our children are placed into so many activities each day of the week from dance or art class, gymnastics, maybe organized sports like baseball, hockey, maybe tennis or swimming.

Being active is fantastic and if possible should be part of their growing up but…sometimes way too much.

Our kids are overwhelmed with the demands made on them. It is up early and off to school or the wee ones dropped off at daycare with no time for a leisurely breakfast as their parents have to get to work. Other people are bringing them up. A babysitter is likely the person taking them to all these activities. Then back home to handle homework waiting for Mom or Dad to come home. All are tired and so often mealtime suffers as hunger has set in and no one wants to wait to eat. Often comes down to ordering delivery or hopping in the car to go to a fast food restaurant. no time for sharing each persons day,  the TV is on. Parents feel guilty and mentally promise themselves things will change, but can they?

Perhaps to compensate or who knows what, parents have sided with their kids over the complaints of their teachers and are off to the school to file complaints about the teacher instead. If a child is injured in even a minor way that activity gets banned from the school playground.

With the stress we all are under, the television or computer, iPhone etc have become the entertainment. Off to bed and it all starts again very early the next day.  And they cannot relate to anything their grandparents can tell them as it is beyond their imagination.

Although we all do the very best we can, which child had or has a better life? Grown kids today have become insensitive to others feelings. Is that because so many people have been involved in their growing up? The ideals their parents have for them become a mix of so many.

For all our advances, sometimes those simple times may have been right.

Bugs or Insects

Not too many people are fond of bugs.

When I say bugs, I mean all forms or names they are given, regardless of how many legs that may identify them and put them into some other category.

I do realize that all forms are important to the balance of nature but when it comes to people there isn’t anyone who likes to be bitten by a mosquito or being awaken in the nite. Tiny as they are they do make a very loud buzzing sound. Try as you may they are almost impossible to find. Turn on the lite, they are gone, smack at them you miss or even try to whack them with your pillow…not going to get it. You have to lie there wide awake, lite on, not moving and expose your arm hoping it will come to give you a bite. Then hopefully you can get it, your nites sleep wrecked.

At least the mosquito is small and manageable in the house. But they also carry an incredible number of diseases. Spread thru a simple bite, they cause such harm to so many.

Have you ever been on a picnic without ants wanting to share your lunch? At least they are tiny and easily distracted or removed. They are fascinating little things though, extremely hard working as a team. They can carry or drag things way heavier than they are. Interesting to watch when the whole colony seems to be on the move following each other in particular path.

One other amazing insect is the bee. We have to have the bee!! For some reason they are disappearing causing concern. We think of the bee and honey at first but these smart and organized colonies pollinate all day, taking it back home to their hive. If you are not fully aware of how clever they are, you will be amazed from the worker bee to the drone and of course the Queen Bee.

Some of them are so beautiful like a butterfly, so many varieties with such precise markings, the ladybug, even the very interesting preying mantis.

Spiders, are a completely different story at least for me. I will catch any spider under a container and take it outside.

I went on a trail walk at nite once and the tour guide pointed out that the glowing things we saw in the various trees were spider eyes!! Always wondered if that was true or if he was just scaring us. It did make me stay in the centre of the path though. Had been on the same trail during the day and there were pictures of the biggest spiders in that area the size of your hand.

Had a picture from someone today that made me think about this. It was from Australia. A Redback Spider..poisonous but at least big enough to see if you keep a sharp eye out. Mostly found outside but do manage to get indoors also.

Speaking of Australia they have a lot dangerous things wandering about, 10 of the most poisonous snakes, Funnel web spiders that like to hide under the toilet seat or in your pool perhaps that do give a deadly bite. Also being a warm Country there are cockroaches that are way to big for me. Never had a cockroach and seeing one of these inside was more than I needed. As big as they are, bigger ones live in other countries.

Again all these things are on Earth for a reason. No problem, just stay out of the house!!!

We can choose to stay out of the Ocean where sharks, jellyfish etc are but have no choices with the little creepy crawlers.

Some Countries have huge insects. Watching TV reality shows and seeing the large things contestants eat, as wherever they are, is a natural treat for residents of a particular Country.

Makes you stop and think about the fascinating World we live in. Depending on where you live or grew up it is what is normal to you, so although they may annoy you, you accept the fact that it is the bugs land, too. We all live on this interesting planet, it belongs to all of us.

For me, the smaller and less of them suits me just fine. The cold winter and snowy months gives you a break from them for a few months. They have not disappeared but are doing whatever bugs do before they come back the following Spring and they are all back to annoy you.

How do you feel? Or is it just me?


IMG_0373Memories. The moment you hear the word, suddenly so many things come to mind. Then when you start to think about “memories” your thoughts can go into so many directions.

Depending on how old you may be, family circumstances and whether they are happy ones does bring up the first response to your mind.

If you had a happy childhood then perhaps you are remembering yourself as as small child going to school on your first day, meeting a friend that you still keep in touch with, thinking how much you do as your parents did or maybe your grandparents, how they spoiled you. It IS the thing grandparents can be really good at!

They are a part of you and those memories should be cherished. Today people spend hours & sometimes a fair amount of money tracking down relatives online to find their heritage. Some of the results are amazing taking you to places you never imagined.

Maybe it makes you think about your own children, the day they were born, accomplishments however small that put a smile on your face.

Perhaps you have lost someone you loved dearly and are dealing with that grief. Again the happy memories will help you thru even if it sometimes may bring a tear.

One idea that can help is writing down all the fun things you did together or remember about them. It may even put a smile on your face. It will not take away that feeling of loss or grief but will definitely help you. Ask friends and family if they can send you some of their memories of that person.

So everything helps whether dealing with loss, having a chuckle about the silly things you have done or being able to share these thoughts with others, maybe you thank goodness for memories.

You actually are busy making your memories for others to remember you by.

As things come to mind on any given day, jot them down and start a file on your computer or even an old fashioned file where you have printed out those and filed them. As long as they are not left tucked away in your mind only, share all the moments.

City or Country Life


Which one are you?

We are all so different which makes us all that much more interesting.

Funny but there are two basic sides we are all on in any given situation. It does not matter what topic, but for this blog I am referring to City or Country preferences

City lovers enjoy the vibrant activities, the action, choices of close by entertainment, and dining in fine restaurants etc. They love the amazing skyscrapers, no travelling long distances to work or entertainment. They love the views from the top of the buildings.
Personally I think that is great…. if you are that type of person.

On the other hand, the Country lover would far prefer to be a long way away from the City, going there only when there is no choice as in having appointment or taking in a concert or play that the family really wants to see. Once a year is more than enough.
No one is right or wrong. It is what is right for that person.

For me there is no doubt. The view in the forest far outweighs that of a towering building. Give me trees, gardens, flowers, trails to walk, the sounds of the crickets or frogs at night. The beautiful smell of nature each different season.
Walking through a forest of tall trees and hearing the little animals scurrying about, the squirrels, chipmunks during the day and at nite the sounds of the nocturnal creatures like raccoons, porcupines and skunks. Perhaps something a little larger depending on where you are. If camping in that environment it could be fox, or perhaps even a bear. I have camped with all of them.

Having a home even in the suburbs allowing you to perhaps have a garden and grow your own veggies is relaxing and enjoyable. The smell of freshly cut grass it awesome.

The City lover could think of nothing they would less like to do. For the most part these are very busy professional people who have to be in the City all the time for work, have adapted to and come to love City life. For them a weekend in the Country is all they need occasionally.

When you think about it, both love a jungle, one of trees, the other of skyscrapers.

For me it is all about Country but that does not make me right. It is what is right for you and what you enjoy.

Which do you prefer? Something to ponder.