It does not matter how old you are, Hallowe’en is just plain fun!!!

How can anyone not like it?

But sadly some people do not. Maybe you grew up in a Country that did not celebrate it. Perhaps a religious affiliation felt it inappropriate.There are several reasons why you may not get the idea of why it is so much fun.

This started out many centuries ago. In the 15th century especially in Ireland and Scotland. November 1 is All Saints Day and so October 31 was called All Hallows’ Eve. It was a time when people were remembered, if their spirits were felt, and to honour their past relatives. Dressing up was a way to honour past martyrs.

With the mass immigration to the United States in the 19th century, the tradition was introduced. Like most things do, traditions change and ways of observing this event also expanded to a different type of observance.

Today it is a huge celebration of really just plain fun.

I have always loved the fun of Halloween. By the beginning of October your mind starts to seriously think about what costume you will wear. Parties are planned whether at home, in school or any group you may be involved in.

There are so many choices from traditional to the latest Disney movie characters to being totally original in coming up with your own idea.

Party games like bobbing for apples, trying to pick up the slippery seeds of a pumpkin,  telling spooky stories and passing it on by whispering it and so fun to see what that sounds like by the time the last person gets it whispered in their ear, putting your hands into a big bowl of slimy stuff to find a hidden object to guessing how many candies are in a big jar. You are only limited by your imagination but the kids are having a great time. And of course judging the best costume, and yes, not everyone wins!

So regardless of whether you ever experienced Hallowe’en in your Country or fully understand why it is enjoyed, it is all about fun nowadays.

I think kids going door to door getting treats is all fun. Take the wee ones out, let them have a giggle. Stuffing their little faces with candy, nuts or potato chips is not a bad thing once a year, just monitor how much each day and check the treats before allowing them to eat them.

Hallowe’en Hallowe’en

Oh what funny things I’ve seen

IMG_0502Witches hats, coal black cats

Broom stick riders

Mice and rats 🎃👻

Happy Hallowe’en


Time Out for a Chuckle

img_0488-3Lately we have been inundated with bad news. The weather devastation of hurricanes, terrorism attacks, volcanoes ready to “Blow their tops”, horrific fires, it really does not matter.

Perhaps you are dealing with personal circumstances that have left you in a World of pain.

So I thought it was time to take few minutes and have a laugh. A lot of these you may already have seen but reading them again may give you a much needed chuckle. They do say that laughter is the best medicine.

🔹A penny for your thoughts. Asked for your opinion you are giving your two cents worth. Where did the other penny go?

🔹If Cinderella’s shoe was a perfect fit, why did it fall off?

🔹Did the brain name itself?

🔹Is sand called sand because it is between the sea and the land?

🔹Is the “S” or the “C” silent in the word scissors?

🔹Why do they call it a building if it is already built?

🔹Why do they call them asteroids when they are in outer space and hemorrhoids when on your butt?

🔹100 years ago everyone owned a horse and only the rich had cars. Today everyone has a car and only the rich own a horse

🔹Do twins realize that one of them was unplanned?

🔹If you attempt to rob a bank, you will not have a problem with rent or food bills whether you are successful or not, We

🔹If you replace the “W” with a “T” in Where, When or What you get the answer

🔹Why are eggs packed in flimsy foam cartons and batteries are packed in plastic that is as tough as can be?

🔹Why is abbreviated such a long word?

🔹Why does the Alphabet song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same tune and why did you just sing it to check?

🔹Why do they steriize the needle for lethal injections?


The home of golf is Scotland with anyone addicted to the game hoping one day to be able to play on the Old St Andrew’s course. As notorious as it is, the regular local can play there. 

A form of golf was played long before, some saying a version in the Netherlands many, many years before, but as far as the modern day version goes, Scotland seems to be recoznised as the home of golf. 

St Andrew’s is a links course, being close to the sea where farming was difficult if not impossible. That piece of land became St Andrew’s, the bunkers where there was a natural hole. Here you played 9 holes out & returned for the next 9. There is a lot of interesting history about that. Some bunkers are so deep I think my club would break before I ever got out of it. 

When you think about the beautiful courses you either play or see on TV, the links courses are basically free of trees. The terrain is difficult and deceiving. 

Golf can be the most frustrating game imaginable. One day you play so well and think you have finally figured it out only to find yourself playing your worst game the next day.

Whether you play, watch on TV or enjoy being a spectator, golf is a super great game to challenge yourself.

I realize a lot of people would not agree with me but I really think that is because you do not fully understand the game. For the uninitiated, it just appears that someone uses a golf club and hits a ball until it finally drops into the cup but there is so very much more than that.

Personally I love playing the game. For one thing, anyone can play in their neighborhood or a local course. Those who prefer can join a private club, but either way, that does not make you a great golfer.

You can purchase inexpensive equipment or spend a fortune but that will not help you either.

For the average weekend golfer who plays regularly then you will find your average score and be delighted when you score way below.

What matters is you are outside, getting exercise, walking for a few hours, playing with friends and forgetting any stresses at work or elsewhere. Win, win situation. It is also a super fun way for the family when the kids are at least 8 years old and introduce them the game. When they grow up, they may find that so many business deals can be done out on the course. 

For a professional golfer who is one of the few that excel at the game, they too, suffer the highs and lows of day to day play.

Tournament play lasts 4 days so you need to really be consistent to get the win. After two days there is a cut with those not making the top 70 going home, no pay check.

They need to have a team around them, a coach, trainer, caddie, perhaps a sports psychologist etc. Injuries occur, not from physical contact as a team sport but having your body move in ways that are just not normal hour after hour. Eventually it catches up with you.

Everyday is like playing on a different course as conditions change in weather, wind direction, rain, tee off positions and holes moved. Those playing in the morning very often face a very different course to those teeing off in the afternoon.
Quite often the hole they are playing on is not even visible from the tee off box.

After the 4 day tournament when a player starts to feel more comfortable with that course it is time to head off for the next weeks event. Another week away from family unless somehow it is possible for them to attend occasionally. 

Other sports are played usually on a field, rink, oval, that is a basic size, with conditions not coming into play. For those who do play an outdoor sport, if weather challenges you, at least the size of the field remains the same.

If you have never played, been interested in or caught a bit on TV, take time out to realize how difficult a seemingly simple game can be. You may be surprised how difficult, challenging and great it is.


Watchng TV the past few days is truly beyond words. The World has become such a different place in the last few years especially. 

These people did not do anything wrong. They were enjoying a vacation, a nite out, fun with friends, some having travelled to Las Vegas after saving for a few years for that special trip from overseas, hoping to see a star performer, concert, just have a really good time. 

From nowhere suddenly as of now, 59 people have lost their lives, families torn apart, and for years to come may never fully recover without serious counselling, over 500 injured with some injuries taking forever to deal with. For some little children their Mom or Dad are not coming home to them. 

Right away there will be another question about whether guns should be allowed. If guns are a right by law to carry, I do not see that changing. But should the everyday person need to have or be able to buy guns that can fire so quickly? How many guns did this particular man have?

So many attacks are by someone using truck or van to drive into crowds of people. London for one, was a van driving into people on the bridge hitting so many. Again these innocent people were just going about their daily lives. 

It is bad enough that terrorists cause devastation and are so happy to claim responsibility but there are so many lone wolf attacks that have nothing to do with that. 

Times have so changed. It seems concern about your fellow neighbor, co-worker or even a stranger on a train no longer exists. In a very small way, devastation is also caused by those who drive with while texting, have been out partying, are under the influence or something else never thinking about the harm they could do to the people sharing the road. Difference is they actually think they are able to drive, text, or talk on their cell phones. 

We all have opinions every time something as horrific as the Las Vegas incident occurs.  As hard as it may be, we need to step back for a moment and try to understand why.  

Who knows what is making these people do such dreadful things. Obviously they are unwell. In the Las Vegas case it was such a well planned event for him. Who knows why he flipped out as it appears he had held a responsible job at some time, enjoyed gambling, did things that so many do. Occasionally family or others realize there were signs that this person may be having personality changes but always too late. 

There are so many ways to describe the person who did this deadly deed but who are we to judge. We have to try and see both sides of the coin, though certainly not understanding. 

It breaks your heart to hear the stories of those injured, the terror they endured. 

At times like this we cannot forget the brave, caring, beautiful people who go in and help immediately.  

Also remember, most everyone are loving, caring people.  We can never lose sight of that. We are 
all neighbors in the sense that regardless of Country we do love each other. 

“Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly”