To move or not to move?

So many things come into play with moving.

Are you moving because you wish to? Maybe a transfer or other work opportunity. Depending on who you are, maybe your kids have grown up, have their own families and you wish to be closer or downsize. Hopefully you are making this decision on your own and have not had your employment been deemed redundant.

There are any number of reasons why a move may be in your future. Bottom line is, you are about to pack up and be on your way to a new place, around the corner, across country or even a new country.

If you have moved before, you have an idea of what is involved but for those who have not, it can be a huge and overwhelming time, especially for those who have lived in a particular place for many years. Experts have said it is one of the most stressful times for anyone.

Fear not. You will come out the other end and find a lot of your apprehensions were imagined. Just take a deep breath, get a pen & pad of paper and write down what you can think of. Seeing it rather than imaging it are two so very different things. When you can read it you will also not have to remember what it was you thought you should do and forgot about.

After finding your new home, just look at your check list and do what needs doing as in contacting the electric, gas, water, cable TV, and Internet companies, anyone whose services you use and depend on so that as soon as you move in, your services are there waiting for you. Waiting a few days for the mover to bring your possessions is not as big a deal as not having things you depend on daily. And in some cases perhaps you have taken this opportunity to sell some of your older things so the new purchases can be delivered then.

The most important thing is to keep an eye on that check list all along the way.  First pack up  the “ good” stuff like dishes, glasses, keepsakes etc that you will not need until after the move.

Gradually move onto things hidden away in closets. Do you need it? Amazing what you can find that you have kept, put away and forget you even have. Maybe this is a good time to have a garage sale or advertize these items. Why pay to move things you no longer need?

Eat up things in the pantry that are there to use one day.

If children are involved get them registered into their new schools so there is no delay in their education or move when the kids are on school holiday.

If you have pets, they feel your anxiety, know something is happening but trusting you to take care of them. Depending on whether your cat or dog can suffer from changes, decide if boarding them for a few days would make them happier. Cats especially have been known to hide and cannot be found when you are about to lock the door and get of your way.

Having moved several times across countries I really understand the process.

Bottom line, enjoy the process. You will be so happy in the long run having the opportunity to embrace how people in different places live. You will not regret it though occasionally it will have challenges for you if your favorite store, TV show, products that seem unfamiliar and depending on where you may move to, perhaps learn a new language. It is all good.

Most important, take a time out every once in awhile, enjoy a yummy treat and latte, cuppa tea or wine!

Embrace and Enjoy it!


Ads & Kids

IMG_0447Something that drives me nuts is having children doing ads on TV.

I have no problem, whatsoever, when they are hired to advertize a product related TO children. It makes sense as it brings attention to a product that is something you may need or were unaware of at the time. Perhaps the launch of a new item for that brand new Mom or Dad. Maybe an idea for that special gift for yours, a friends or relatives gorgeous child. Maybe being “the voice” of a puppy or kitten.

People creating or buying advertizing does not come cheaply. That is how Channels pay to bring us the programs we so enjoy. It must definitely pay off as the cost of buying an ad space during the Super Bowl is astronomical. Those ads are sometimes better than the game itself!!

When I see children attempting to sell cars, insurance, vitamins, health care etc. I cannot mute the TV fast enough. I understand that whoever is trying to create the ad is thinking about how cute these sweet kids are. They are very talented, maybe they are young actors.

I imagine if this is being made for someone who has a darling grandchild, they cannot see beyond that. That does not translate into relating to their product.

It seems to me that the company creating these ads have totally lost the concept of what it is they are attempting to sell.

But this is a two way street. Someone is giving the tick of approval to these advertizements paying to accept and pay a fortune after likely already securing a spot on a show coming on air in a month or so…no time to create something new but needing to expose the product they wish to promote.

Somehow I do not think I am the only person who thinks as I do. Maybe I am!!

Next time you have the television on and a young child starts telling you the benefits of buying that new car etc, see if it bothers you now.

Just glad there is a mute on my remote.





And it continues…

As if Hurricane Harvey did not do enough damage, hurt so many, displace thousands and even worse loss of life for some, hot on its
heels, here comes Irma.

Following closely behind is Jose.

Some years hurricanes are forecast but luckily turn out to sea and miss hitting land. But, eventually it catches up and smack bang into land.

Seems that Harvey was the worse ever for rainfall due to being such a slow moving storm, hanging around and continually dumping rain.

Irma is on the opposite end of what a Hurricane can do. It is moving quickly with      such intense wind speeds it will devastate in another way. Seeing what it has already done in the Caribbean and is still doing, reports are it will be worse than Hurricane Andrew to hit Florida. At the latest report, the entire peninsula could be hit. And then the path seems to indicate it could move on to Georgia, perhaps even South Carolina. only guarantee is you never know for sure, not even the meteorologists.

A hurricane specialist from MIT said this one has more energy than all the bombs dropped in WWll.

For those who have never experienced such storms you can sympathize, try to imagine with the pictures on TV but just imagine being IN that situation.

Nowhere to go, hospitals closed, power out, no way to escape, perhaps have loved ones missing and having cars being tossed around as well as even shipping containers!!

Mother Nature is definitely not happy. And to throw in an Earthquake 8.1 in Mexico as well as Hurricane Katia is enough.

We do not get the best coverage of all the cyclones or typhoons (depending on where you live) but Hong Kong had a direct hit from a powerful storm about 10 days or so ago.

One thing, we cannot do anything to change the weather, natural disasters do & will always happen. All we can do is keep up to date if in the path of a weather related event and if lucky enough not to, be there for those who are. Help in any way possible. Not all help is in the $$ donation.

People need a hand, maybe if close by, help them pick up and get their life straightened out as best as they can. Emotionally, be patient and let someone have a cry and comfort them, make a casserole, treat them to a yummy treat, just let them know we all care.

Good luck to all those facing this incredible storm.