City or Country Life


Which one are you?

We are all so different which makes us all that much more interesting.

Funny but there are two basic sides we are all on in any given situation. It does not matter what topic, but for this blog I am referring to City or Country preferences

City lovers enjoy the vibrant activities, the action, choices of close by entertainment, and dining in fine restaurants etc. They love the amazing skyscrapers, no travelling long distances to work or entertainment. They love the views from the top of the buildings.
Personally I think that is great…. if you are that type of person.

On the other hand, the Country lover would far prefer to be a long way away from the City, going there only when there is no choice as in having appointment or taking in a concert or play that the family really wants to see. Once a year is more than enough.
No one is right or wrong. It is what is right for that person.

For me there is no doubt. The view in the forest far outweighs that of a towering building. Give me trees, gardens, flowers, trails to walk, the sounds of the crickets or frogs at night. The beautiful smell of nature each different season.
Walking through a forest of tall trees and hearing the little animals scurrying about, the squirrels, chipmunks during the day and at nite the sounds of the nocturnal creatures like raccoons, porcupines and skunks. Perhaps something a little larger depending on where you are. If camping in that environment it could be fox, or perhaps even a bear. I have camped with all of them.

Having a home even in the suburbs allowing you to perhaps have a garden and grow your own veggies is relaxing and enjoyable. The smell of freshly cut grass it awesome.

The City lover could think of nothing they would less like to do. For the most part these are very busy professional people who have to be in the City all the time for work, have adapted to and come to love City life. For them a weekend in the Country is all they need occasionally.

When you think about it, both love a jungle, one of trees, the other of skyscrapers.

For me it is all about Country but that does not make me right. It is what is right for you and what you enjoy.

Which do you prefer? Something to ponder.


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