Furry Friends

Dog & CatPets

I think nearly all of us at some point have had a pet. Perhaps only as a child, when we beg our parents that if they get us a dog, we will walk it everyday, clean up the litter pan if it is a cat we prefer or maybe our wishes are even bigger. Maybe a horse if we are lucky enough to live where we can actually have one.

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing a pet. Some people go for exotic creatures, maybe snakes, birds or geckos. Maybe a tank of tropical fish is your idea of the best. The relaxing sound of the water is so soothing after all the daily challenges. If you are allergic to the furry friends, then a choice of another pet is necessary.

Pets can teach a child compassion, responsibility & love.

For me the furry, cuddly ones do win out…a little puppy or kitten.

After a hard day at work, a stressful day or having a lot on your mind, a dog seems to understand. As you turn the key in the lock, this sweet little dog wags his tail, licks your hand, runs to find his favorite toy to share with you. Even though the family may need your attention and things need to be done, this sweet little dog says hello. He is not involved in watching the television or texting friends. You are his only concern. The kids will say hello and give you a hug too, but also have their own things they are in the middle of, happy you are home, but need to get back to the homework perhaps if they have not done it before you walked in the door.

Cats are generally more independent, they come to you when they want to.
They say if you want love, have a dog. If you have love to give, then get a cat. I love both.

I happen to have a cat right now, that thinks she is a dog!! She comes to the door to say hello, brings her toys to me and even invented a game of fetch. She will bring a rolled up ball of foil to me, drop it at my feet & wait for me to toss it down the hall. Off she goes only to bring it back to me & the game goes on. Even though she has a big bowl of fresh water, why does she prefer to get some water from the faucet? Normally cats are not fond of water. My cat loves playing in the wet shower!! If I am sitting down she is in my lap or lying on a chair right nearby, I move & she follows.

I love dogs & cats, have had several along with many other animals. They bring so much joy into your life. Your choice sometimes is decided by your lifestyle. A cat can be left for the weekend as long as you leave lots of water, food & a clean litter pan. A dog.. not so much. You will need to board them or have friend to look after them.

Although there are many choices for a pet, it is really hard to cuddle a fish unless it comes from the freezer on a really hot day!

Wouldn’t it be nice if people were more like dogs & loved you for who you are. Not if you are tall or short, beautiful or not, overweight or too thin and no interest in your sexual preference or the color of your skin.


Fathers Day

IMG_0335_sRGBFather’s Day

The third Sunday in June is Father’s Day in many Countries. Depending on where you live it can vary by several months. In North America and quite a few European countries this is the day they choose. Australia & New Zealand celebrate theirs in September.

The date really does not matter. Just celebrating our Dads is what counts.

This year celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Father’s Day. It was first celebrated in Spokane Washington. This was inspired by a lady who wanted to honor her Dad who raised 6 kids as a widower.

It was not accepted immediately by everyone even a lot of men themselves.

Even though President Woodrow Wilson had declared Mother’s Day an official holiday to celebrate on the second Sunday in May, it was not until 1972 that President Richard Nixon made Father’s Day an official day to honour Dads.

But none of the history matters. It is a day when we take extra time to reflect on our own Dads.

Dads many years ago were the bread winners, brought home the money needed to take care of the family he loved dearly. He would take on extra hours of work to make sure his children had what was necessary. Moms, for the most part, did not go to work outside the home then, but stayed home to look after the children.

Depending on your Dads employment you did not always get to spend as much time as possible with him but there was never any doubt that he loved you dearly.

I feel so lucky to have had an amazing Dad. He was never a really well person, but that never stopped him from going to work. He was brilliant without a formal college education. The pride in his face, whenever he introduced us to someone, we always knew how important we were to him.

Never does a Fathers Day go by without spending extra time thinking of him.

I hope you have or had someone who took care of you that way.

Seeing as the weather is warmer for Fathers Day than it is for Mothers Day it is a great day to have a picnic, barbeque, or take in a baseball game. Bottom line, just enjoy the time together if you can.

If distance prevents you getting to celebrate with each other, we can at least have Face Time together. How great is that! If you have lost your Dad then spend time reflecting on all he was to you. If there are no happy memories, then think about someone who may have stepped up to help you along the way. Make your own if you are a Dad so your children can have happy moments remembering you.




Sports Heroespexels-photo-54122

It was truly sad to see Tiger Woods arrested, not able to walk a straight line.
At only 41, he is one of the best ever to play golf. He has changed the game for all who play today. Players who used to just play, now work out, train for hours, equipment has improved so much and the money for winning is beyond imagination. Most professional golfers will thank Tiger for their own successes.

For the average person we all try our best to be THE best at whatever we do. From the time we start school we work at getting the highest marks, beating our friends in subjects & also in the games we play. It seems to be a natural built in desire to win.

Although we strive to always be at the top of our game, we are not all winners at the same level in all things. Thank goodness for that, as what a boring, crowded field it would be.

Some people just have a natural built in talent, whether in sports, academics or arts. As we grow up we find what we enjoy, what we perhaps excel in or even areas we just picture ourselves in as we make career choices. Those with the natural talent are so often in sports. Their coaches notice their excellence & as they reach the higher grades in high school, the talent scouts come to check them out, university’s offering scholarships.

Before you know it, these talented people are the heroes of their teams, recognized for how they lead their teams to victory.

When college is finished the professional teams have searched them out and offered amazing contracts that must make their heads spin. Now the pressure has truly begun, to live up to the expectations of everyone. Teams that have not won in years hang their hopes on them. Along with that, the fans have a new hero. The better you play the sponsors offer deals to wear or use their products. The pressure must be overwhelming at times.

In a team sport there is always someone waiting for their opportunity if you get injured. In a sport where it is an individual sport there is still the pressure of winning enough to keep your tour card.

Injuries are an inevitable part of any game. Along with the injuries, time away recuperating and rehab their toll. How many players suffer an injury, their careers are over or suffer to a point where they no longer compete at the highest level.

Athletes are no different from any of us. Their “job” is excelling at what they do. Some people feel they are way overpaid. If you only look at the dollar amount, then you are missing a huge fact. Most of those hugely successful athletes have established foundations where they help a variety of needs, perhaps for children, a specific health issue, community clubs that have helped them become who they have. Government health programs do not have the needed money. The Tiger Woods Foundation has helped so many kids in their education to pursue their dreams and become amazing young people.

I am sure many people have judged Tiger for his personal life & bad choices. That has nothing to do with his professional life. When you think he has had 3 knee surgeries & 4 back surgeries along with a broken leg, torn Achilles in the past 10 years it is surprising he can even walk.

He has given so much to golf. It has been what he has done since he was a little boy and still he thinks he can get back to playing and winning again. His desire to play and if healthy he could still reach his goal of winning 19 majors.

With all that his doctors have done to help him thru his many surgeries, he must be handling so many emotional concerns about his future. As well as dealing with the criticisms from fans and press. We are all too quick to judge sometimes. Pain killers help deal with the actual hurt/pain but being criticised may hurt even more.

A long time ago a wise person once said, ” Do not judge a person until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.” I hope the fans can give him a break and wish him well. Whether he is able to make a comeback, who knows. Golf is so much more enjoyable with Tiger playing.