Experts or not

img_0674It seems common sense has flown out the window these days.  You know what is right but then an expert comes on TV and suggests otherwise.

It does not matter what the issue is, someone called an expert will give a strong opinion and suddenly have so many confused and in doubt.

So where do these experts come from, what are their credentials. They may be very accomplished in their particular fields but are they experts in everything?

An expert will say eating a certain food is so bad, best not eaten, will cause lifelong problems.

While a diet of only sugary, fatty or fried food is not good, everything is good taken in moderation. In fact a junk food nite is fabulous. Worst thing is to deny something outright.

School is another subject.

If you look at kids now, thru no fault of their own, have had the experts decide that winning is not important, just let everyone win.

Kids have to learn there are winners and losers in all aspects of life so let them learn in school.

The experts will tell you that to reprimand a child will have lasting affects on them forever.

If they truly misbehave, they need to learn that are consequences for their actions.

Because of these experts, kids cannot play tag, do cartwheels, climb play equipment or dodgeball. They could get injured.

Doing and participating in all kinds of fun, is so good for children. Of course occasionally someone may fall, scrape a knee, arm, hand etc. And in a rare case might even need to travel to hospital for a check. If they return wearing a cast, it becomes a “look at me” moment as their friends sign their cast, but it is so very rare that will happen. It is how we all grew up before the experts came along.

We cannot wrap them up in cotton wool and expect them to be able to face the real World once they are finished school.

Another issue is the experts tell parents that their beautiful little children should be put into an early education program by at least two years old!! It will give them a head start when starting school.

That is almost to the point of being cruel. How many brilliant people did not begin school or any formal education until at least five years old.

If you are in any way able to be home with your precious child until they head off to a full day of school do so. You will never regret it nor will your little one. You can teach them so much and build a lasting closeness. Take them to swimming lessons, meet up with friends at perhaps the Mall if they, too, have wee ones where it will allow them to learn how to mingle and share a cookie. It will also teach them how to behave in public. How often have you been to a restaurant when the kids go wild making eating out uncomfortable.

For most of us, we make the decision that we want to start a family. We’re so excited to bring home that precious little bundle of joy. But it means getting up much earlier, pulling the sleeping child from bed, heading off to a daycare to head to work, then come dinner time finally picking up the baby who by now is tired, hungry and wanting your attention.You being exhausted, you cannot give that much needed cuddle as there is dinner to make, laundry to do….just to repeat itself the next day. Something has to give.

Maybe having a full time carer who comes to your home and is able to bond with the child, someone they can trust instead of the expensive day care that cannot give individual attention as there are too many to look after.

In the blink of an eye, suddenly your little one has left home and you wonder where the time went.


our KIDS

kidsOur children, to me, seem to have lost out on so much. Their World has become so planned and organized without any need on their part required.

They will never know the days of their grandparents who had no Internet and in some cases not even a television. They made their own entertainment and played not with store bought toys but their own imaginations.

Through no fault of their own today’s kids are born into an age of the Internet, gadgets that grab their attention from such an early age. It is almost like an addiction as we all, young, working age or retired have come to depend on it for whatever we do. Something as necessary as banking, shopping, researching information etc. and social media etc.

Children do not do as we say but as we do. If you are constantly on your phone they will also do just that.

Parents today are working harder to be everything, the best at work, having the best car and house, be best parent, cooking the most nutritious meals just to name a few. It is not possible to be the best at everything.

So who suffers? The children. Several years ago it used to be easy to allow them to watch a few innocent cartoons on television. They were happy while their parents were able to make supper.

Now while you keep trying to still get on with as many tasks as possible, you hand them the iPhone and get on with whatever you need to do. Quite often you assume they are on a safe site which can so often not be the case.

Nothing beats one on one time with your kids. Turning off all devices for an hour or two and just laughing together as you play a few games or do crafts. Some turn out, others not so much. The important part is just enjoying being together.

Before you know it you will be attending their graduation and wonder where the time went without those amazing memories.

Babysitting a young child we had unbelievable fun doing just that until at around 7 years old. Instead of a bag full of paper, markers & stickers, they arrived with an iPad, that precious one on one time gone forever.

Obviously it is the way we live, work and even do school work now so it is not as if we can ignore it. We love it.

All parents throughout the ages have said they were so happy they were not bringing up their grandchildren in whatever relevant year. Nowadays, children are facing things, they cannot fully understand having access to so much information as well as being aware on things talked about FaceBook or other Social Media pages.

Times change and we have to change with them but, nothing will ever replace being the solid foundation for your kids to grow up on. Just accept and incorporate what is current but keeping them grounded at the same time is a huge responsibility but worth every second. If you are in any position to wait until your child is in school for a full day before heading back to work, grab the opportunity.

Turning off your devices immediately after coming home and listening to whatever it is they have on their mind is priceless, building a bond and secure place for them.

The words in this song from quite some time ago says it all.

‘Toy land, toy land, beautiful girl and boy land

Once you pass its borders, you can never return again”



It seems that there is a non stop season of awards for those who entertain us, whether in movies, TV, music or theatre.

A fortune is spent by those nominated to have the perfect dress or tuxedo, immaculate make up and hairstyle. Their fans would not recognize them without all of this. When they are not working and enjoying being at home….so many go without all the makeup and also jump into the comfy sweatpants or jeans as most of us do.

Seeing as the Oscars were just this week so many people try to see as many of the nominated movies as they can before watching the awards.

It used to be a fun nite, seeing if your favorite took home the top award.

The actors also seemed to appreciate winning, knowing they had reached a high point in their career.

Nowadays the acceptance speech has become a stage for airing their opinion on everything, whether political which is too often the case, or just their views on what they think people are interested in. Where did they get the idea that anyone cared, it is called opinion and everyone forms their own opinion right or wrong, and having an overpaid actor using the forum of the Oscars or other awards ceremony is beyond annoying.

These actors may have the ability to portray a variety of different characters, are able to memorize their lines etc. but are so hugely overpaid to do so.

The cost passes down to the fan who goes to see the film. Taking your family to the movies has become a very costly treat if you add in the snacks as well. Who can watch a movie without popcorn!!!

If only the winning actors just thanked a few people and got off stage. they would be far more respected.

It has become the “thing” to do at sporting events as well. Again talented athletes airing their opinions when no one is interested. It has just driven people away from some games as well as the hero status the athlete may have had, to fans not wanting them to even play and in some cases finding themselves suspended.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these actors and athletes used their celebrity status to help others, campaign to raise money to help those in need, to even set up foundations that would have continuing effects.

Maybe when they notice that viewing of these shows has dropped drastically and at some sports events the former hero has people not attending they will take notice. Only thing they have managed to do is damage their industry and annoyed so many we just do not watch anymore.

Twelve Days

IMG_3266Have you ever wondered how you suddenly end up thinking or talking about a certain topic?

Maybe you and a friend are enjoying a latte together catching up on things. You both have lots to talk about but for some reason you are speaking about things that neither of you intended to. It is hard to even back track the conversation as one topic leads to another.

For some reason we got onto the song The 12 Days of Christmas. Given that two months have gone by since Christmas who knows how we got there.

With that tune stuck in my head, and not knowing all the words past the first five or so, I looked up the words. That got to wondering what anyone would think of receiving these gifts. Of course what would this actually cost.

There are two ways to look at it. Was one gift given each day or, because the song repeats, was each given each day after originally giving it?

This was written in 1780.

If times were difficult it would be an awesome gift as you would have lots to eat should you decide to do that. You have partridge, doves, hens, calling birds, geese and swans. Also pear trees that bear fruit to eat.

The maids a milking were just that, milking the cows that you must have had, but when it comes to drummers drumming, and Lords a leaping….not quite sure unless perhaps entertainment back in 1780.

There are several opinions as well as dates on what others thought.

If as the popular version goes that we find ourselves humming, it would cost $34,558.65 if you wished to give these items as of Dec 2017.

So next time you find yourself going from one topic to another when chatting with a friend, see if you can remember how you got there. Bottom line, it is basically called conversation. We all do it.

Now to stop humming this tune!!!!